PRO Landscape training


PRO Landscape training
Looking to the surveys that our clients fill out at the end of each course and making the related considerations, we realized that among the many appreciations directed to the organization, the treatment and external interventions, the surveys always lead to a better discussion of topics of personal interest.   
Therefore we have implemented a series of personal courses, for those who are interested to learn more about PRO Landscape design software, for specific needs. The courses will be held by our technical department. In this current year it’s possible to arrange individual sessions with students or limited groups of people (from the same company, for instance), custom courses with specific subjects required by clients and users and work on authentic projects to be submitted in the real life.
The choice to direct our clients to a custom and full immersion course derives from years of experience in high IT technology. The target is to educate the users in getting the best performance of their art works focusing on the topics of personal interest.
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