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Pro Landscape предлагает пробный период, если программа не соответствует вашим потребностям, вы можете отменить подписку в течение 60 дней, получив полный возврат средств

Активация PRO Landscape включает в себя онлайн-техническую поддержку в течение 5 лет. Бесплатная онлайн-поддержка без ежемесячной платы!

С единой лицензией пользователь может установить программное обеспечение на два ПК одновременно, плюс вы можете загрузить приложение для планшетов "Companion".
Загрузите приложение PRO Landscape Companion, доступно для Ipad и Android, и создавайте проекты прямо со своего планшета
PRO Landscape, который предлагает полный набор инструментов, как никто другой!
System Requirements for WINDOWS Users System Requirements for Mac Users
Intel, AMD, or equivalent processor (32 or 64-bit)
Microsoft® Windows® Windows 7/Windows 8 or 8.1/Windows 10
6 GB RAM Minimum
1024×768, 16M colors or higher video
USB drive (not required for downloaded versions)
Sound card for multimedia tutorials
Mouse, pen tablet, or other pointing device recommended
15 GB of available hard disk space
System Requirements for Mac Users
PRO Landscape is a Windows application but we have hundreds
of customers that are successfully running PRO Landscape on a Mac.
Our Mac users have found the best solution is to install a program called
Parallels Desktop which will help you then install a copy of
Windows (7, 8 or 10) on your Mac. Once set up you can run both Windows
and Mac applications at the same time with outstanding performance,
and without having to reboot.

Watch A Short Video On What It’s Like To Use PRO Landscape On A Mac.
Image Editor lets you create a visual landscape design that starts with a digital picture of your customer’s house or building. Simply drag and drop any of the more than 7500 high quality images of plants, grass, mulch, hardscapes and other materials. The result is a dazzling landscape design that will make it easy for you to sell your design ideas to the customer.
View Image Editor Projects in 3D!
PRO Landscape gives you the power to view your Image Editor project in 3D. You can zoom in and out, rotate your design, and show your customer your proposed design from any angle. 3D gives you the ability to show your customer something they have never seen before.

Best Images in the Industry
PRO Landscape includes over 7,500 of the best images in the industry, bringing an unmatched level of photorealism to your presentations. All of the plants are organized by climate zones so you don't have to wade through plants that won't work in your area.

Customizable Image Library
The PRO Landscape image library is completely customizable. Anything you can take a picture of can be added to the image library. If you find the perfect plant specimen, take a picture of it and add it to the library. Finish a custom project for someone - take a picture of the elements you put in (pavers, walls or other hardscapes, water features, etc.) and add those to the library for use on your next design.

Add Perspective to Any Object
PRO Landscape lets you create the exact shape you need from any object. Need a curved wall to fit around a bed shape you just created? No problem, just bend a picture of a wall to fit the bed shape. Want to create a new brick sidewalk in your design? Just take any of the paver patterns and change the perspective and shape to fit perfectly in your design. Once you have the wall shape you want, you can instantly fit it to any slope.
Sophisticated Plant Growth Feature
PRO Landscape makes it easy to show your customers what the plan will look like one to 10 years from now. You can even "grow" the plants in the negative direction to show them what it will look like when they are planted. That will help you make sure your customer understands exactly what it will look like the day it is planted. You can even change the growth speed of any plant to get the most accurate effect possible.

Plant Search
PRO Landscape allows you to set search criteria based on zone, bloom color, bloom season, required sun conditions and more to find the perfect plant in just seconds.

Night & Holiday Lighting
Lighting Application will Make You $$$
Have you ever tried to explain how spectacular creative lighting design can make a landscape? Don't you love the profits from add-on features like outdoor lighting? To help you sell those lucrative lighting deals, PRO Landscape includes night lighting that allows you to place landscape light fixtures and automatically illuminate the design. Take a photograph of the house or building during the day, drag and drop from hundreds of light fixtures, show uplighting or downlighting and press a button to show what it looks like at night.

Expand Your Business with Holiday Lighting PRO Landscape includes holiday lighting to help you sell your holiday lighting designs. Choose from light strings (C7 or C9 sizes), icicle lights or custom light strings from Brite Ideas Decorating (www.briteidea.com). You can also enhance your lighting plans with over 100 displays (e.g., snowmen, bells, Santa's) plus garland, wreaths and light nets. Take a picture of the house or building during the day, draw the desired lighting effects and press a button to show what it looks like at night.

In this gallery the images related to Pro-Landscape software screenshots.
View Planner Projects in 3D! PRO Landscape Planner gives you the power to view your CAD projects in 3D. You can actually turn your 2D CAD symbols into breathtaking 3D images that will rise out of the printed page. With 3D viewing, your customers will be able to see a CAD drawing that will actually jump right out at them. The 3D CAD presentation gives you that little something extra to separate you from your competition!

PRO Landscape's Planner allows you to create accurate, scaled drawings of your landscape plan in any size or scale. Simply drag and drop from the extensive library of plant symbols that are scaled to the mature size of the plant. You can also include pavers, walls, grass, mulch, irrigation and more. All of the menus in PRO Landscape are the same as the items you draw by hand. For example, the menus include Draw Mulch, Draw Grass, Draw Edging, Draw Retaining Walls, making it easy to transition from hand-drawing to using the computer. Planner will automatically keep track of all the plants and their sizes, plus calculate area and volume for grass, pavers and mulch beds.

Getting Started is Easy
There are three easy ways to get started; (1) Import a CAD file you get from an architect or designer and your base plan will be already drawn for you. (2) Scan in and scale a plot plan or survey and scale it. You can then trace over the important elements such as the property lines, building shell, driveways and sidewalks so you are left with a clean base plan. (3) Draw from your own measurements. There are wizards included to make drawing the property line or building shell even easier. You can even insert windows and doors to make the plan more realistic.

Automatic Plant Layout from Image File
Once you complete your Image Editor files, Planner will automatically lay out the plant material for you right on your CAD drawing. You still have to draw the outline of the house or building and any hardscapes, but you won't have to re-count the plants because they will be automatically placed for you. If you have created multiple Image Editor files you can place them around the entire house. Talk about a time savings!

Customizable Symbol Library
All of the photographic images in Image Editor have a CAD symbol assigned to them. The symbols are scaled to the mature size of the plant so you'll always know the proper spacing. The symbol libraries are completely customizable so you can create or modify symbols to achieve the exact look you desire. You can also view the symbols library using either common or botanical name. With a single mouse-click you can add shadows to your symbols to create a stunning 3D look.

Symbol Array Tool Ever want to put in a row of plants, but don't look forward to drawing the same symbol 10 times and keep the spacing consistent? PRO Landscape includes a symbol array tool that lets you select a symbol and then drag out a row of the plant at the spacing you specify. You can even create arcs, circles, or fill an area with the same symbol.

Import Drawings from Other CAD Programs PRO Landscape allows you to import AutoCAD DWG files or DXF Files from other CAD programs. Once you open the file you can manipulate all of the layers in the original drawing. You can then save the drawings back in either DWG or DXF format if you want to send your completed drawing back to the architect.

Irrigation Planner lets you lay out your irrigation plan on the same drawing as your landscaping. Included are scaled symbols for sprinkler heads, valves and more. You can even customize or change the symbols to match a specific head from the manufacturer you use. Once you have your sprinkler heads in place simply draw pipe between the sprinkler heads and Planner will calculate the length of pipe by zones. Since Planner supports layers in the drawing you can print just the irrigation symbols and pipe separate from your landscape plan. Planner will then automatically link to Proposal for instant quote creation.

Picture Callouts
Many customers have difficulty understanding your landscape plan by looking at the CAD drawing. One way to help them visualize the design is to add pictures of the plants right on your CAD drawing. PRO Landscape allows you to label plants with the common name, botanical name or both, plus include a photograph of the plant.

Finalizing Your Drawing is Easy Unlike drawing by hand, once you've finished your landscape plan creating all the extras to make a professional looking plan is quick and easy. Create a plant legend with one mouse click that includes the common name, botanical name, or both, plus the plant sizes. Step through a wizard that creates a professional looking title block that includes the drawing scale. Add dimension lines to key areas by drawing the area you want and the software will add the exact dimensions. Of course, Planner is keeping track of all of your plants and their respective sizes, in addition to area and volume calculations which make creating a bid easy.

7 New Render Modes!!!!
Choose from four different CAD symbol options to provide versatile output for your customers or installation crew. You can choose from traditional CAD symbols, hand-drawn, pastel, water color or photo realistic symbols to get the exact style you prefer.
PRO Landscape's Proposal lets you create not only a bid, but a professional looking sales presentation in minutes! Proposal create accurate estimates from either your photo image or CAD plan based on your prices and tax rate. A simple wizard walks you through the steps so you can create a bid in less than 5 minutes. Once your bid is created you can instantly print a material list, cover sheet and plant information for the customer.

Automatically Create Accurate Estimates PRO Landscape lets you create an estimate from either your Image Editor or Planner file. For small jobs where there isn't a need for the CAD file, you can go directly from your Image Editor file to your quote. When you bid from your Planner file all details from your CAD file, including edging length, grass area, and volume calculations for mulch, etc., will transfer to your bid.

Choose Your Quote Template Proposal gives you the choice of over 15 templates for your quote. You can choose to show all of the details to your customer, or hide the details and just show the quantities and grand total. Included are report templates that let you put a picture of your project right on your quote. You can even put your company logo on your quotes. If you don't find the exact template you want, simply export the estimate in to your spreadsheet or word processor program and customize it.

Professional Looking Sales Presentations are a Snap!
Once you have created your bid you can quickly put together a professional looking presentation. Include a cover page with a picture of your proposed landscape design. You can print a material list as well as plant information that includes pictures of all plant material, plus attributes about the plants and care information.

CAD projects

Download Sample Presentation
Links to Leading Applications
Export your quote to Clip software, QuickBooks Pro, SLICEplus or provide additional plant information by linking to Horticopia.

If you want a closer look to the software, we can arrange an ON-LINE PRESENTATION with you. Via web you'll be able to see the program working on your Pc. This way you can have a real-time Demo and make any question you need.
Just send us an EMAIL and a contact phone. We will contact you the very same day!

We do not provide interactive DEMO for the software. For a detailed overview to the software features, you can watch the movies below.
For any additional question, please contact us at info@orlandelli.it

HAVE A LOOK AT OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL to watch tutorial videos and much more. 

HERE you can find some samples of BEFORE-AFTER projects realized with the software. Look at the impressive REALISM of each image simulation!!!you

What is PRO Landscape?
PRO Landscape is the most COMPLETE and EASY TO USE landscape design software on market. It includes 4 modules (photo imaging, CAD, 3D and proposals) in an all-in-one solution and it is the ideal tool for all ‘green’ professionals in designing and planning gardens, terraces, parks, areas with pools, floral decorations, landscapes, irrigation systems and many more.
Who uses PRO Landscape?
  • Landscape, residential and commercial areas design studios: thousands of landscape contractors, designers, and architects for both new and renovation projects.
  • Gardeners: with PRO Landscape, any professional, indipendently from his/her computer skills, can create projects of green areas.
  • Garden Center: always more of them choose to offer a valid garden design service to their customers.
  • Lighting Contractors: they can show their customers what their lighting projects, once finished, will look like at night.
  • High Schools, Professional Institutes and Universities: PRO Landscape is an integral part of the study plan at hundreds of educational facilities, integrating itself as a precious asset in several students’ curriculum.
Perché scegliere PRO Landscape?
  • Professional and Complete: PRO Landscape offers 4 modules in an all-in-one package, is multilingual and available on a modern and comfortable USB thumb drive.
  • Easy to Learn, Easy to Use: PRO Landscape includes Video Tutorials and Free Technical Support for 5 years.
  • Internal Fully Customizable Database: any new element can be added to the over 12000 elements already included, associated with real high quality images.
  • RealDWG 2014 Compatible: as well as with .jpg and .pdf files, PRO Landscape is totally compatible with .dwg and .dxf format files from AutoCAD and other similar programs.
  • Different Presentation Solutions: you can turn, automatically and in just seconds, professional CAD projects to realistic 3D presentations, also directly modifiable and of great visual effect.
·        Complete and Professional Proposals: in a handful of minutes you can create a proposal with cover sheet, material list, prices, descriptions, information and much more.
  • “PRO Landscape Companion” App: it is the first and unique software combined and completely integrated with a dedicated App for iPad and Android Tablet.


Can I use a picture of my customer’s house?
Absolutely! Just take a digital photograph of your customer’s home or building site and use it as the background for your landscape design. PRO Landscape includes over 12000 real high quality images that you can drag and drop on top of your photograph: the image library includes plants (archived in climate areas), grass and mulch, pavers, irrigation systems, sculptures, pools, outdoor furniture, night lighting, holiday decorations and many, many more.

Can I add something to the image library? 
Of course, the PRO Landscape library is totally customizable and gives you the ability to add photographic images of any type as well as edit the database information about the plants.

Do you have images for my area?   
Yes, PRO Landscape comes complete with plant material for all climate zones. Specifying your climate zone(s), you will just see plants typical your area.

Can I remove existing disturbing elements from my background picture?   
PRO Landscape includes cloning or deleting tools that allow you to cover up existing elements of the picture (such as construction debris, cars...) or cancel parts you do not want included in your final design.

Can you show plant growth?
Yes, plant material in PRO Landscape can be grown in yearly increments between 1 and 10 years, with the ability to automatically show the growth as a movie to be left to the customer. In addition, you can show “Negative Growth”, which allows you to see what the landscape will look like immediately after installation.

Do you have night lighting?
Yes, PRO Landscape includes the industry’s best night and holiday lighting, that is hundreds of light fixtures from many popular manufacturers. From a daylight picture of customer’s house or building site you can actually show what your lighting design will look like at night.

Are the internal images of quality?
Unlike other software on this sector, PRO Landscape has been specifically developed for professional projects and includes over 12000 real, photographic and high quality images.

Will I need to buy a separate CAD program?
No, PRO Landscape Planner è un modulo CAD completo, sviluppato su misura per progettare aree verdi e paesaggi: è molto semplice da utilizzare, anche per chi non ha precedenti esperienze con AutoCAD o simili.
No, PRO Landscape Planner is a complete CAD program that has been tailored for green areas and landscape design: it is also very easy to use, especially for people with no AutoCAD, or similar, experience.

Is CAD module compatible with AutoCAD?
Yes, PRO Landscape is RealDWG 2014 Compatible: it can read and write .dwg and .dxf files (as well as .jpg and .pdf files), this means it can import, elaborate and save in the same format such files.

Can I print CAD drawings?
Yes, CAD drawings can be printed out in any size or scale: you can easily change them at any time.

Can I get a paper survey or plot plan from my customer?
Yes, the background plan of a CAD drawing can be a scanned image as well: you can scan the plan or take a picture of it, bring in the file, easily scale it and start your landscape design.

Do I have to create a project in order to generate a bid?
No, PRO Landscape lets you bid from an image, a CAD project or even from scratch.

Can I link my estimates to my accounting program?
PRO Landscape links to the major programs used in the green industry (such as QuickBooks®, SLICEplus®, Horticopia®, Clip®...) and allows to export documents in the most common file formats (.xls, .doc, .txt, .rtf).


Can I install PRO Landscape on both my desktop and laptop computer?
Yes, the all-in-one PRO Landscape package includes 2 licenses: you can install them on any kind of computer and then use the program simultaneously, because they are managed remotely. You can also request additional licenses at very convenient prices.

Is Technical Support available?
Yes, from the moment of the purchase you will be provided with guaranteed free Technical Support for 5 years.

Do you offer training services?
PRO Landscape comes out with Quick Guide and User Manual as .pdf files, together with 60 Video Tutorials which slowly and clearly describe the main features and tools. Furthermore, there are always available on our YouTube channel (you can access by clicking on ‘youtube’ under ‘Company’ tab) some presentation and tutorial videos in both italian and english.
To learn and use PRO Landscape is extremely easy and intuitive, but for customers who need a more specific knowledge there are customized courses available: please, do not hesitate to contact ORGANIZZAZIONE ORLANDELLI to receive information about solutions, costs and logistics.
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