Many years ago, maybe 20 or more, I attended a Marketing course for Garden Centers, probably, it had been the first course that was held in Italy with a Marketing theme then considered cutting edge in the Floriculture sector, where the Marketing had never been a priority element. This Word was new, because it was completely out of mindsets for us Floriculture Professionals. I remember very well the speech of a teacher, a guru of communication, a freak guy with a hairdo and a dress that certainly didn’t passed unnoticed, he began by saying: " attention on what I’m going to say. There doesn’t exist any Company, if it doesn’t have a marketing department inside, if anyone thinks to do without it, will bring its own company to bankruptcy. You can compare the Marketing for your company, like air to every living being".
I will not tell the unanimous condemnation of the present for such strong words of the teacher because at that moment, no one acted with that philosophy completely out of the Floricultural industry standard.
Now are past 20 years and I think no one can blame him. What he meant was not that every company needs a marketing office with four walls, but rather, that every entrepreneur has to communicate outside its Company with method and the right strategy, and the marketing is the practice that allows you to do that.
With some less authority and vision, but with the same conviction of the freak speaker and having a good knowledge in the world of Floriculture, I would like say that anyone who works directly or indirectly with customers, who buy plants for its garden, must have a Project Office of green areas inside the company!

Do you think you that it's an euphemism? I ... not! The central thread between the essentiality to have a marketing department and a planning office of green areas (both understood as divisions and not as an office / 4 walls) is the fundamental need of communication, that every company has to connect with its customers. Another similarity between marketing department and planning office is that if you don’t have innate qualities of creativity, the result will not be the best.
If you're an architect or a landscaper or a Garden Centre or a gardener maintainer of small, medium or large size or a simple store of plants and flowers, doesn’t matter, in any case you need to express your idea of green design, every time when some potential customer is looking for advice or a quote. I don’t mean that every question must be answered with a project, but the customers have the desire/need to see what they are buying, and if it’s aesthetically compatible in their garden.
If we speak about medium or large size projects, the design planning practice becomes obvious. The customers want it and you should be able to provide them it. Whether you like it or not, nowadays the customer pretends a project/quotation that explains in detail the type of plants you're going to put in the garden, with botanical information, formulated in beautiful style.
Is not enough anymore to go to the customer and explain that "in this corner we put this plant and in the other that" or that "we put the hedge with this line, more or less" or such other examples. It’s not enough to tell to the customer that he needs to trust in you, because you’re doing this job from many years.
In the same way you feel the need to communicate your idea of the project, the customer has the need to explain you his project idea.
Fortunately today, the computer technology allows anyone to create a project idea in phototypesetting. Our software PRO Landscape is designed and developed just to fulfill the vital function of communication between customer and supplier.
The PRO Landscape software is a COMPLETE product and EASY TO USE.
It allows you to create photo-realistic simulations of public and private areas, to make plans and irrigation systems, to obtain automatically 3D models, botanical information and detailed bills of materials.
PRO Landscape includes many modules in a single product and it guide you, trough all phases of the project, from the conception to the final presentation to the client. - Internet Partner