Julia wood line, the new modular furniture system totally in wood.


Julia Wood Line is the first line of displayers for plants and flowers designed by Organizzazione Orlandelli made of wood. Made with attention to the smallest details to ensure to the operators of these field the maximum practicalness of use combined with a high aesthetic value.
Respect the natural heritage that surrounds us and protect it from man’s stupidity must become a priority for everyone! Looking back, understand the mistakes and act more responsibly, will be necessary for us to progress. Continue to realize what has been produced up to date in a perspective of nature respect, is possible!
The modularity of the displayers together with the bench allows to create perfect layout using the vertical displaying in combination with the classical horizontal.
Through a special connector it’s possible to connect in sequence different two or three shelves displayers, through an easy assembling system.
The structure of Julia wood line has been designed in compliance with the consumption of natural raw material, focusing on the harmony of volume and thickness of the used laminated wood.
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