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Индивидуальные проекты помещений для продажи растений и цветов
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If I need more information before purchasing online, what can I do?

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail. Our staff will be pleased to give you all the information you need to learn more about our products and purchase online.

Do you have a range of products for mass retailers? Which do you recommend for a good exposure in most supermarkets?

Yes,we have adapted to the different exhibitors G.D.O.
You can make distinctions between products to choose from depending on the display area defined for the display of plants and flowers. If a supermarket in the area to be used and 'about 2 / 3 meters. We recommend the vertical display to take advantage of the more' space as possible.

What should I do to have a project for my flower shop?

Just contact us by email or fax with the dimension of the area and its main features.
Our Interior Designer you will develop a project designed on the basis of our experience and your needs.

Why choose the solution of modular grid to decorate the shop or the garden?

Simple, this line of furniture was designed for the green industry.
The module is based the size of universal tray for plants and is flexible / modular so every time I change the layout of the various elements that compose it, and is transparent to allow light to light and air to enter (key points for plants).
In addition, this furniture is equipped with various optional and therefore suitable for any industry.

The cost of these furnishings are very high? The cost of transport affects a lot?

Absolutely not, because thanks to the modularity is suitable for any environment that fosters high-production, so as to maintain low costs. Transport costs are contained because the case of modular furniture, everything is removable, so the space is reduced significantly resulting in a great saving on transportation.

Do you make plans for garden shops and how much is the project?

The first draft layout plan is free, then if you need further isometric views (rendering) or management consulting, personnel training, research suppliers and so on. The Orlandelli group have a business specialist (Entergreen) who could develop a way to build with you, aimed at maximum performance of your business.

I have an outdoor space but do not know how to structure and equipment to enter, how can I do?

Get in touch with us, we can give our. advice. If space is very large we can also be a reference project designed for your needs with our experience and exposure.

Do you project garden shops worldwide?

Sure, we've done several projects of Garden Center, shopping centers and mass retailers and we're still developing.
Space in any state, from Slovenia to France, Russia, Africa, Poland to Chile...
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