2nd Global DIY-Summit 2013


2nd Global DIY-Summit 2013
The 2nd Global DIY Summit is the world’s major event where retailers and manufacturers from the home improvement and garden centre industry have the opportunity for an exchange of views of current and future developments within the global market. This congress is being jointly hosted by the two leading European DIY professional organisations, EDRA (European DIY-Retail Association) and fediyma (European Federation of DIY Manufacturers), and the first global representation of interest of DIY trade, GHIN (Global Home Improvement Network). 
What will be discussed at the 2nd Global DIY Summit?
Multi-Channel is dramatically changing the face of home improvement retailing and is shaping a new era where innovation will be more important than ever. Some experts are even forecasting that total online sales in retailing will reach 35% of total sales within the next decade. Retail stores simply must change or they will disappear!
What does Multi-Channel mean for "bricks and mortar" retailing? Will selling space decrease by the same amount? How will retailers respond to this challenge? Globally must one assume that retailers have responded late to this challenge… or too late? What impact will social media have in future retailing? What are the global trends in home improvement retailing? Who are the new players? What new concepts are proving successful? Will brands disappear or go directly online to the consumer? Experts from all over the world will give their answers to these questions and their assessment of the future.
Participate in the 2nd Global DIY Summit and make your own judgement on the dramatically changing face of home improvement retailing.
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