Are you interested in having a complete overview about the consumption trends in the world of DIYs? You can’t evade then to attend the 2° European Home & Garden Improvement Forum that will take place next 31st May and 1st June 2012 in France.
Over 500 people working in this field will meet in Paris to discuss about the dynamics that are changing at European level the mindset of consumers and about the initiatives the big chains like Brico/DIY are undertaking. On stage at the Disney’s Convention Centre are taking place the actions of CEOs, Presidents and Vice-presidents, experts in communication and creativity of the great European interpreters of this increasingly important sector like Kingfisher, OBI, B&Q, Leroy Merlin and many others.  
Someone (hope few people) would be asking what means all this on Orlandelli.it website, that as everybody knows deals with equipment for handling and displaying plants and flowers in the Floricultural sector. This year, it the title of the Forum was added a new word “Garden”. If you read the article that I wrote two years ago, speaking about the same event that was held in Wien,  (http://www.orlandelli.it/it/doc-s-2-263-1-1%C2%B0_european_forum_diy.aspx), on that occasion I explained that the Mass Retail, the famous DIYs would invest in the Garden Centre sector for several reasons including the great interest among consumers for everything that is “green” besides the research for a merchandiser that could attract the female customers that, until today, it’s barely present in DIY Centres and many other reasons.
The situation of “competition” that is going to be created between the traditional Garden Centre and the Do It Yourself Stores should make reflecting the traditional distribution chain of plants and flowers.
Personally, I see this “metamorphosis” in a very positive way. Objectively speaking, we have to admit that the European Floriculture chain hasn’t travelled on parallel roads if we compare the technological progress of the production and therefore a clear improvement of quality and quantity, while the distribution chain of plants and flowers has made giant leaps, but, in my opinion, it has dedicated efforts and concentration to what I think should be considered second level goods in a Garden Center such as: pools, barbecues, pet, etc.
Some months ago I received a call from the Convention Secretary who asked me if I was interested to make a speech of 20/30 minutes in the Garden Block to speak about Garden Centers considering the fact that, besides to be involved at 360° in the Floricultural sector, with Organizzazione Orlandelli company I have commercial relationships with Garden Centers and DIYs around the world providing them with an effective general Consulting service in addition to the traditional Company core business as displays and trolleys for handling and displaying plants and flowers. My answer was obviously yes and, during the phone conversation, I gave the title of that what will be my speech “Passion for tradition” that is related obviously to the passion for this Job. The spirit that pushes me to “promote” the culture of the sale of plants and flowers in the Specialized Retailers Stores is due to the firm belief that the marketing of plants and flowers has enormous margins of improvement; I’m sure that the awareness for the consumption moves also through a large, efficient and professional distribution chain. If the consumer will have the possibility to find plants and flowers in different stores from form that which are traditionally attended by enthusiasts, the green culture will extend in impressive way, improving the consumptions and all this will have a positive fall in the increase the number of enthusiasts.
Maybe my utopian idea of the popular green culture, where on the base of the trade there will be a decisive increase in Professional structures for the selling of plants and flowers that could be not popular for everyone, but the constant leveling of plant prices on European markets is not a positive indicator therefore, I think that the interest of Specialized Retailers in Garden Centre sector is an opportunity to be taken rather than a phenomenon to be afraid.      
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