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Obsolete software support ending


We wish to advise our kind customers owning the following landscape design software

· Giotto Flor (DesignWare), Giotto Flor 2, Giotto Flor 3
· Leonardo Flor (Planscape)
· Pitagora Flor Top (DesignWare Pools)
· Pitagora Flor Plane (Splash)
· PRO Landscape version 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

that Organizzazione Orlandelli ends the technical support service on such products, since they are not compatible with the most recent operating systems anymore and they have been replaced by technologically advanced software versions. 

Organizzazione Orlandelli carries on, with success and satisfaction, supplying and supporting PRO Landscape, this year come to the 20th anniversary: we are glad to introduce the brand new version 20, outcome of two decades of improvements for the most complete and easy-to-use landscape design software on market.
To find out about important v.20 news and innovations, CLICK HERE
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