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Organizzazione Orlandelli srl has always satisfied all the requirements of the horti-floricultural field, suggesting different transport and display solutions such as: carts, displayers, benches, self-service carts, baskets, wrapping machines and landscape software PRO Landscape. The company is always looking for new and innovative techniques able to improve and facilitate the reduction of operating costs.

Organizzazione Orlandelli srl is a company leader in the national and international market thanks to its attention in evaluating the continuous progress of technologies, in particular informatics and communications.

Since 1982 ORGANIZZAZIONE ORLANDELLI srl has constantly been present with its distribution network in Italy and abroad.
The Company has also invested a lot in the web. That’s why from our web site it’s possible to obtain so much information and news about our products.

Organizzazione Orlandelli srl is continuously in the forefront with a wide range of products and quality service.

Made 4 DIY

Organizzazione Orlandelli is Founder with Made 4 DIY, a consortium of manufacturing companies distributed throughout the country, operating in different product categories. The companies are focused and qualified to serve the retail world in all its forms.
They are also present with success both in the subcontracting market and also in the catalog products for industry.
Streams production - logistics excellence, know-how and a proactive mindset support the daily search for new
business opportunities.
>> Made 4 DIY Official website

Myplant & Garden

Organizzazione Orlandelli is partner and founder of Myplant & Garden,that is an exhibition wanted and actively supported by Myplant & Garden Consortium, composed by a large group of important companies in that sector.
The Consortium, which owns the exhibition brand and is a non-profit association, was founded to promote the initiative in Italy and abroad and works as Technical Committee, connecting the exhibitors with their needs and requests to the event management office. Myplant & Garden Consortium is open to all companies interested in taking part into this exhibition, to make it grow, develop and be successful. A success which aims at giving new life and richness to an important and excellent sector.
>> Myplant & Garden official website

Confindustria Mantova

Confindustria Mantova is an organization that has more than 600 member companies, of which 87% consists of small and medium-sized businesses under 100 employees, for a total of  8 billion euros in revenue and 27,000 employees.
An Association of representation, services and identity, to enhance the corporate culture and contribute to the development of civil society. In its mission has a role of protection and promotion of member companies to the institutions, public administration, economic organizations, political, labor and social.


FNGLA is Florida’s oldest and largest association targeting the needs of the Florida’s environmental horticulture industry, consists of a network of professionals who work in unison to shape the future of nursery and landscape industry, but also to advance member’s business interests and enhance their success.
The Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association works to better the floricultural industry, especially by spearheading marketing programs and providing educational venues for members.
>>FNGLA official website

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