Raffaele Cantoni: responsable pour la section Amérique

Our group is composed by four companies: Garden Centre Valle dei Fiori, one of the biggest garden centre in Italy; Giardini Valle dei Fiori, landscaping company; Entergreen, consulting company for flowers and plants and Orlandelli, where we design and manufacture specific racks for floricultural logistic and beautiful and efficient displays solution for garden centre.
We’ve been working with flowers and plants for three generations. We love our job and we are driven by passion. We know how difficult it is to conduct your business and the garden centre, therefore we design our product and concept in our home garden centre.
We do not sell benches alone, we provide solution and that’s why we try to have a strong and friendly collaboration with our customers.
I’ve been working in floricultural since 1986 and I proudly joint the Orlandelli Group several years ago. The Jacksonville, Florida based, Orlandelli Group is responsible for overseas activities with authority in the United States, Central America and Canada.
Even if we are far away from the headquarter we have very close cooperation with the innovation centre, the Italian innovation centre. They continuously develop new products and upgrade the line of products.
The entergreen department in our company designs layouts in respect for the demographic needs and in respect of the way of doing business with plants and flowers. Designing the right layout is fundamental in order to give our clients guide lines and suggestions in order to gain the maximum profit possible doing business with plants and flowers.
We focus and promote the whole line of our products without any limitation in the Americas from benches to top benches, the beautiful hexagonal sets, the new End Caps that leads the clients to buy and see what they should expect on the raw of benches just behind them. A serial of optional to increase the square feet for exhibition such as, as I said before, top benches but basket also as well. The list is very long. The every each element has been designed focusing on the very simple factor: dollars per square feet and besides to help everyone to do a better job.
We also encourage our clients to use the European standard racks to move plants across the United States. The upgraded version of those racks just change in the form post with some tilting sides, we fit we have created our patented invention that we call the Cabriolet cart. The Cabriolet is just a very normal transportation cart that you can open and tilt with a simple click and it becomes to a unique exhibition item. Because of this particular item, the Cabriolet, we have been awarded for the coolest product of the year at the TPAE 2015.
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