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Orlandelli’s rolling benches are designed to be installed in any kind of greenhouse, tunnel, shading area and nursery, optimizing the amount of floor space dedicated to production and using the work areas in an optimal way. Many years of hassles-free use are guaranteed by the high quality of the materials used and by the quality control of the whole production process.

Orlandelli’s rolling benches employ an in-house technology developed specifically for floriculture: polystyrene water trays or wire mesh, ebb and flow irrigation system, light weight but sturdy aluminum and extreme attention to details.

Rolling benches improve floorplan efficiency up to 90% (30% more than fixed tables).

In greater detail, the pluses of Orlandelli’s rolling benches are:
  • Strength and ease of use
  • Easy assembly thanks to the limited number of components, optimized during the design process
  • Extreme fluidity thanks to Delrin made casters which reduce friction, noise and are resistant to wear
  • Hot dip galvanized feet with an integrated leveling system
  • Anti-tip hooks for maximum safety

For more information about how to optimize the floor space in your greenhouse using our production tables, send us your floor plan and we will work the best layout for you.

Current trend: “On sight production”
The evolution of Garden Centers needs to start from the study of the needs of consumers who are more and more interested in novel ideas and evocative environments. Just like restaurants use open kitchens to impress their patrons, those Garden Centers who are lucky enough to have a space which can be turned into an “on sight production” area should offer their visitors a new scenery with plants and flowers like geraniums, primroses and violets. 

Organizzazione Orlandelli makes available to its clients materials of the highest quality and years of experience, with an excellent reputation and countless referrals.

Orlandelli’s rolling benches allow you to:
  • Optimize production and operating efficiency, maximizing the floor plan utilization
  • Save on energy costs
  • Implement a fast and simple to maintain irrigation system
  • Create an healthier environment for the growth of plants and flowers
  • Reduce the use of phytosanitary products
  • Improve the working conditions for employees
Specific advantages of the production of plants and flowers on rolling benches:
  • Rolling benches allow growers to utilize up to 90% of the floorplan of a greenhouse for production (compared to the industry average 60% of the non-rotating table systems)
  • It simplifies all processed related to production, like spacing, edging, picking, etc.
  • It reduces the costs related to the management of temperature in the production areas
  • It reduces operating costs
  • It improves the work environment for the employees of the greenhouse as all the goods are located at the correct height
  • The space underneath the tables allows the flow of air which in turn reduces the risk of diseases related to excessive humidity besides contributing to lower the heating costs
  • A better environment translates in lower costs for chemicals
  • The ebb and flow irrigation system saves time and improves the health of plants and flowers.
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