Talking about remodeling, what do you recommend combining old elements with new ones?


Talking about remodeling, what do you recommend combining old elements with new ones?
The refurbishment or renovation of a point of sale must be a practice that goes beyond the economic conditions, favorable or unfavorable. Invest in your company is essential to keep your position on the market! First of all, the renovation of the premises or the restructuring of a sales area should be done accordingly to your economical availability considering the complete available area in a temporal perspective of, at least, 5 years.
When we talk about "upgrading" a store, the first thing you should think is not the furniture but the great positive consequence of the renewal, such as the Marketing message and the new global image you are giving to your company.  There are several elements to consider in order starting a renovation of a Garden Centre or a shop. The investment is surely the most critical parameter, therefore set up a budget monitored systematically.
Actually, our suggestion is very simple and we are experiencing favorable feedbacks from customers worldwide. We recommend a restructuring plan in five main phases:
·        Considerations of what are the goals and what you want to achieve in the next  5 years
·        Evaluation of the budget already in the initial phase of the remodeling
·        Define a new Marketing Message
·        Design the new layout and make changes even if the first draft looks good
·        Choose the right furnishing elements
The first two steps are subjective and a must in order to move forward. Quite often the practice of “do it by yourself” leads to frictions between the investment and the result; because of that, we suggest to get external advice.  As a first analysis, we should think to the company identity, the logo and the company image.
Another factor is the renewal of the external areas, quite often forgotten in the process but very important for the first client impact. In fact, these changes allow you to convey a sense of renewal and, potentially, acquire new customers immediately! In two steps only, we have already given a breakthrough and a renewal at the point of sale, making it to an event, which should be advertised in advance through social media, local magazines, internet, radio, etc. This marketing action can be done with a fairly and limited budget.
Once defined the marketing plan, let us look to the new layout. The layout must be studied and designed globally to get a correct and careful picture of what you want to achieve in the new area. We suggest a vision looking 5 years ahead.  From 2008 until today, we witnessed our experience and, if we consider this particular economical period, we stated that customers with large surfaces to restructure, prefer do things gradually. This re-confirmed the previous statement about the budget.
In fact and initially, the remodeling could start with the warm greenhouse rather than other areas. This will keep the budget under control in the very beginning and give an idea if the expenses are on track.  Once you define the layout and the areas to renovate, you can start to think about what are the right elements and furniture to be purchased.
The furnishing elements must be specific for each section, 100% functional, dynamic and have options that allow at any times and for certain products, the optimal exposure.
The Orlandelli’s line of benches (which is one of the product that covers the biggest surface of the areas), reflect the right features. They come with a nontoxic polystyrene basin, are UV resistant, anti-reflection and thanks to the drain channels you will avoid water stagnation. Besides, the benches are ebb and flow ready and can be easily connected to a pipe system.
The dynamic factor is characterized by the availability of various element’s sizes and in particular by the latest three heights concepts. This new concept is to match the exhibition of plants with different height in the same area. Being the plants of different heights and shapes, it would be unthinkable to expose them all at the same level. This new concept allows you to capture the customer's attention on each plant and arouse the desire to buy a specific product.
For exposure in other sectors, such as tools, soil, pots and so on, the focus shall go on the same emotional factors: functionality, simplicity and dynamism must absolutely be taken into account. Wooden line "Julia wood line" responds exactly to these three characteristics. "Julia wood line" is designed specifically for Garden Centre and flower shop by answering to all the needs that this sector requires. The last detail:  "Julia wood line" is PEFC certified.
The renovation combined pre-existing elements is easy to manage. The old elements should be joined in specific areas and not casually placed all over. This will preserve a linear look. Anyhow, Orlandelli’s line can still be combined with existing structures due to its neutral look.
We go more green and organic. Is this relevant for your customers?
And what do you suggest to match and follow the trend of "sustainability"?
Julia wood line, for instance, is the wooden line designed by Orlandelli and created with PEFC certified wood which guarantees the origin of the raw materials from controlled forests. The line is highly eco-friendly because in addition to the PEFC certified wood, the glue and the varnish used are environmental friendly.
This line, was presented a year ago and, in terms of volumes, we have not had a significant success. Probably due to the global economic situation. Organic and ecofriendly products are expensive and the money is small… but the interest from our customers is there and continues requests make us to believe that this sustainable line is the way to follow in the future. We believe that supermarkets are actually the first category of shops that will go green in the closest future.
Orlandelli is “innovation” but what are – in specific- the new products for Garden Centre?
Next to Julia wood line (that is constantly evolving), we do have new products which will follow a "retro" style. We will have the pleasure to show it at the IPM fair in Essen. - Internet Partner