Orlandelli at Euroflora 2011


Orlandelli at Euroflora 2011
The word "Euroflora" is by now part of our common vocabulary. Yet, with every show, it still manages to put across a new message and fascinate visitors with new amazing displays, new actors and new arrangements, delivering an exciting spectacle of flowers and plants, colours, fragrances and water effects that has no equal in the world.

The Orlandelli group will present with 2 initiatives to EUROFLORA 2011:
Gardens Valle dei FIori, a company specializing in creating and maintaining professional gardens and green spaces, will participate as an exhibitor from 21 April to 1 May 2011 to stand in SG15 Palasport.

Organization Orlandelli will provide benches, trolleys and display stands for the "Green Market" by EUROFLORA: an important opportunity for promotion is made ​​available to nurserymen.
The sale of plants and flowers will be made ​​directly to visitors in an area in the heart of the event called "Green Market". For the first time in the history of EUROFLORA the "Green Market" open to all nurserymen.

Inspired by the famous Gand floralies, Euroflora - with its over four and a half million visitors in nine shows, from the distant 1966 - is a key tool for the promotion of the Italian plant- and flower-growing industry but, most of all, it is a much-awaited appointment with the beauty of nature, which also acts as a container for the display and promotion of trends, techniques, lifestyles and tastes associated with the green of private homes, gardens and terraces, as well as that of the public streets and squares of the people-oriented cities of the world.

An unmissable appointment with the quality of life, a message of love and care for the environment, for the planet on which we live, for humankind.


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