Organizzazione Orlandelli launchs the latest Version of PRO Landscape


Organizzazione Orlandelli launchs the latest Version of PRO Landscape
Organizzazione Orlandelli Launchs the latest version 19 of PRO Landscape design software on the market.
The technology and continuous development allowing PRO Landscape
to be one of the most used design software in the green sector.

  • Over 1000 New Images – PRO Landscape now includes over 11,000 of the industry’s highest quality images.  The majority of the new pictures are plants, covering all climate zones.
  • Automatic 3D House Shells – When creating a 3D project from Planner, the 3D Editor will automatically generate a house shell.   Add windows and doors for additional realism, or add a picture of the house right on the house shell for the
    ultimate in realism. 
  • RealDWG 2013 RealDWG support has been upgraded to support the 2013 DWG and DXF CAD files, including AutoCAD 2013.
  • Over 150 3D Models – PRO Landscape now ships with over 150 Sketchup 3D models, or add your own.  Simply drag and drop them onto a 3D drawing
  • New Proposal Setup Wizard – This new wizard walks you though setting up all the company information and adding/changing plant sizes for a category of objects. 

PRO Landscape isn't just a great design software but also an additional service able to offer:

•  60 Day-Money Back Guarantee
•  Free Technical Support by mail
•  2 Licenses included

To know more about PRO Landscape contacts us at or calling +39 0376 960311 - Internet Partner