EDRA-fediyma 1st Global DIY Summit 2011 - Review


400 senior executives from 35 countries attended the 1st Global DIY Summit on 8-9 June in Brussels, which included 35 CEOs of retail companies from around the world.

The President of EDRA Régis Degelcke on opening the 1st Global DIY-Summit stressed the importance of working together with suppliers in satisfying the consumer needs for tomorrow. More than ever innovation is needed to find new products that will be the main source of development. The President of fediyma, Rheinhard Wolff, said that more and more consumers are working on projects to improve their home which will bring opportunities for new products. Generally speaking there was optimism for the future development of the home improvement industry globally.


Source: http://www.edra-online.com/english/Global_Summit_2011/index.html
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