Design to sell


Design to sell
Providing more services to customers instead of just selling products; that is what recently highlighted John Stanley, a well-known Australian coach, consultant, author, speaker and trainer, in one of his articles.
The increasingly widespread development of the "do it yourself" concept has led many customers to venture into the design of their garden without relying on professionals such as architects or landscape architects.
This trend becomes a need for green lovers, for this reason, the Garden Center must be able to take this opportunity developing and improving its designing service for gardens and green areas.
Very often, customers who go in Garden Centres choose a few plants according to their taste, without botanical knowledge and without basic notions needed to create a project of their garden.
Using the PRO Landscape software to design green areas, the sales staff, even without having any special knowledge about landscape design, will be able to design the customers’ garden in a few minutes.
Creating an appropriate area dedicated to landscape designing and consulting in your Garden Center, will be very effective to improve sales. In fact, with the easy-to use design software PRO Landscape, you will be able to create detailed floor plans, 3D effects and photo-realistic simulations for your customers.
This will give you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competitors by proposing a customized service, acquiring new customers, promoting products such as gazebos, fountains, rocks or stones, and above all to convey a professional image of your Garden Center. With consulting services for the design the Garden Center will acquire a new dimension to the customer.
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