“Julia wood line” Furniture


If you’re looking for a line of displayers for plants and flowers that goes along with your Philosophy of Ecologists that distinguishes your Company, Organizzazione Orlandelli has launched on the market the new Julia Wood Line. The first Line of wooden displayers designed by Organizzazione Orlandelli and made of wood from PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) which guarantees the origin of the raw material from sustainable managed forests. Moreover, the gray eco-friendly water-based varnish gives originality to the displaying systems.
The experience of Organizzazione Orlandelli’s planners and designers has abled to realize a successful product that guarantees to the operators of this sector the maximum practicability of use combined with a high aesthetic value. Of course the aesthetic value and the attention to the ecology wouldn’t be enough, if the end product doesn’t guarantee reliability in qualitative terms. Julia wood line is made by planking panel produced by a technological process of pressure bonding using water vinyl glues. The particular structure of the panel with three layers with cross-grain reduces the defects of solid wood.
Organizzazione Orlandelli wanted to make in a class by itself each displayer through two processes: brushing and sanding.
In fact, through these two processes the grain of the wood is enhanced both visually and to the touch giving to the displayer a contained elegance that allows highlighting the display of plants and flowers.
Require your cute pencil holder gadget made by unused parts of wood during the processing of wood panels Julia wood line.
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