Cabriolet cart 160 with water trays and canopy

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CODE: 33350160
The displaying cabriolet trolley rises from the usual 'Danish' unistandard trolley. In addition, it has a patented 5 levels inclination system that allows an easy inclined plant displaying. As a result of the opening/closing mechanism, this display is perfect for trouble-free displacements.

1) Adds handiness of the 'Danish' trolley to the attractiveness of a displayer.
2) A few seconds to open/close the cabriolet trolley avoiding waste of time.
3) Easy handling thanks to its strong wheels without worrying for damage.
4) Allows to use 'Danish' unistandard shelves. Versatilit y in ever y use The cabriolet trolley's versatility is undisputable for shops, Garden Centres, large retailers and fair exhibitions. Easy to use and low cost function make the cabriolet trolley functional in every situation.

Base, frame kit, 4 shelves, 4 water trays and canopy.
Opened L 1.395 W 1.465 H 2.245 mm
Closed L 1.395 W 565 H 2.245 mm

Weight: Kg. 93,80 - Volume: m3 0,6

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