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Furniture for garden centers
CUSTOMIZABLE: Wide range of equipments that allow creating a specific furnishing for your shop.
VERSATILE: Suitable to display many products
MODERN: It makes the most of the space with modernity and functionality
CHEAP: Thanks to its adaptability it allows fitting every kind of space at very reasonable prices
HIGH QUALITY: Long-lasting

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Shopping trolley "Garden flor 3 shelves", Shopping trolley "Garden flor", GDO-trolley, DC "Danish Container" unistandard trolley, Cabriolet trolley 160 with water trays and canopy, Cabriolet trolley 160 with 4 ABS water trays, Wire-mesh trolley 1.430 mm, Shifting vases trolley, Boxes carrier, Plants carrier, Wheelbarrow for pots, Multi-use trolley, Oro trolley, Garden trolley 260, Display trolley with vases, Display trolley with water trays and vases, Display trolley, Three-steps wooden displayer

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