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Furniture for garden centers
CUSTOMIZABLE: Wide range of equipments that allow creating a specific furnishing for your shop.
VERSATILE: Suitable to display many products
MODERN: It makes the most of the space with modernity and functionality
CHEAP: Thanks to its adaptability it allows fitting every kind of space at very reasonable prices
HIGH QUALITY: Long-lasting

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Frame support kit, Bunch cutter autoprotect large, Mirrors on blind walls, Refrigerator displayers, Eurotrolley container shelf, Eurotrolley container, Container for cut flowers lt 300 (cassapallet), Extension 400 mm, Yellow price labels, Yellow price labels, Yellow price labels, Tracks for 'danish' unistandard trolley, Shopping trolley "Garden flor 3 shelves", Shopping trolley "Garden flor", Humidifying membrane, Wire-mesh base 1.430, Post protection, GDO-trolley, Galvanized extension 670 mm, 'Danish' water tray, Plier for succulent plants, Galvanized post, 'Danish' unistandard base, DC "Danish Container" unistandard trolley, Roll trolley, Bunch cutter autoprotect small, Stem cleaning machine, Universal container for cut flower transport, Fittings for cassapallets, Container for cut flowers lt 400 (cassapallet), Yellow price labels, Potting bench, Potting bench, Automatic wrapping machine, Carrier for wrapping machine, PVC canopy with support, Cabriolet trolley 160 with water trays and canopy, Cabriolet trolley 160 with 4 ABS water trays, Wire-mesh trolley 1.430 mm, Loading ramps, Belts, anchorage bars, container blocking bars, Trolley immobilizer disk, Trolley immobilizer "oro" , Cabriolet trolley frame kit, Galvanized extension 350 mm, Wire-mesh shelf 1.430, 'Danish' unistandard shelf, Rough terrain carrier for unistandard trolley, Shifting vases trolley, Boxes carrier, Plants carrier, Wheelbarrow for pots, Multi-use trolley, Oro trolley, Garden trolley 260, Plastic shopping basket for garden center, Wire-mesh shopping basket for garden center, Aluminum fixed Low cost bench 1625 x 3030 mm, Aluminium low cost bench on wheels 1.025x2.055 mm, Aluminium low cost bench on wheels 1.225x2.530 mm, Aluminium fixed low cost bench 1225x2530 mm, Display trolley with vases, Display trolley with water trays and vases, Aluminium fixed low cost bench 1025x2055 mm, Triangular big bench, Triangular small bench, Square bench 1160x1160 mm , Production bench, Hexagonal bench with aluminium structure, Hexagonal bench, Hexagonal bench in ABS, Aluminium bench 3 shelves, Space-saving table with water tray, Double island displayers stand with 10 water trays, Single island displayers stand with 5 water trays, Display trolley, Modular wooden displayer with three shelves, Modular wooden displayer with two shelves, Three-steps wooden displayer, Wooden Bench

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Supply plant and flower benches to a major Israeli company

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Automatic wrapping machine

Glossary greenhouses products
ABS: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

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