Full Description, Single island displayers stand with 5 water trays, Tables and benches

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Solutions for Garden Centers
Ideal for displaying plants and flowers, suitable for indoor and outdoor settings, strong and easy to handle.
Made of primary aluminium alloy profiles. The support is telescopic and, with a click, it is possible to change the height from 550 mm to 750 mm with a single touch. The polystyrene water tight basin is antireflective and UV resistant, complete with filter and drain-valve.

Full Description, Single island displayers stand with 5 water trays, Tables and benches

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Single island displayers stand with 5 water trays 

The range of aluminum displayers for plants has long been one of the most popular of our range. The lightweight yet very strong suits any type of environment so as to make it very useful for both the Great Retail Chains and for the Garden Centers.
The "island" version is available in two sizes, allowing visibility to the products displayed and is mostly used in those areas where the customer has free access to each side. The "wall" version comes in two sizes and is ideal to use the vertical space allowing the customer to inspect the plants exposed in a comprehensive manner.

Both versions are equipped with wheels diam.125 mm (two locking) allowing the operator to change the location of the exhibitor simply and fast, even with the diplayer in full charge. The displayer makes it easy to clean environment, being able to move easily.
The most appreciated feature of this displayer is the size of the shelves that is the same as the "Danish" trolley. This allows the perfect use of space and perfect exposure (on the aluminum shelves can be exposed the exact quantity of plants of a trolley with 5 shelves). This feature is most effective especially in peak periods like spring.

The first two shelves are fixed and easily accessible by the customer for the purchase, the last shelf is height adjustable and can manage the height from 1380 mm to 1680 mm, making it a versatile display for different plants.

The water trays supply water to plants directly. The emboss inside the tray will prevent suffocation of the plants with water.

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