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Ideal for displaying plants and flowers, suitable for indoor and outdoor settings, strong and easy to handle.
Made of primary aluminium alloy profiles. The support is telescopic and, with a click, it is possible to change the height from 550 mm to 750 mm with a single touch. The polystyrene water tight basin is antireflective and UV resistant, complete with filter and drain-valve.

Fertilizer holder, Iron tray powder-coated green varnished, with A4 price/sheet holder Products for nurseries and garden centers on sale

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Fertilizer holder

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Tables and benches - Fertilizer holder

Starting from 75,00 € each
Fertilizer holder :

Description :
Iron tray powder-coated green varnished, with A4 price/sheet holder. It’s Ideal for displaying of fertilizers or similar.

L 405 W 405 H 1230 mm

Garden center, Shops

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Fertilizer holder 75,00

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Fertilizer holder - KIT OF 2 ITEMS (€ 75,00 each)  150,00

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