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Solutions for Garden Centers
Ideal for displaying plants and flowers, suitable for indoor and outdoor settings, strong and easy to handle.
Made of primary aluminium alloy profiles. The support is telescopic and, with a click, it is possible to change the height from 550 mm to 750 mm with a single touch. The polystyrene water tight basin is antireflective and UV resistant, complete with filter and drain-valve.

Display trolley, White coloured steel frame. Products for nurseries and garden centers on sale

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Display trolley

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Tables and benches - Display trolley

349,00 € each
Display trolley :

Description :
White coloured steel frame, 2 green water trays and white/ green canopy.
L 1.400 W 780 H 2.050 mm

Weight: Kg. 36 - Volume: m3 0,37

Optionals and related items
DISPLAY TROLLEY display trolley
Organizzazione Orlandelli’s Display Trolley for plants and flower is the best solution for the exhibition of flower products inside greenhouses, nurseries and green shops.

Thanks to its double showing shelf, this displayer let present different kinds of plants and create powerful flower compositions that can attract shop visitors and customers.
Its light structure, big wheels and comfortable folding bar renders this displayer a perfect furniture for garden centre and an useful instrument for plant transport.

Its ‘retro style’ with two big wheels and bicolour canopy transforms it a beautiful furniture , useful both for the creation of thematic areas inside garden centres and private use inside gardens and yards. 
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Using the Unistandard Tray, the Display Trolley becomes a complete displayer, seen that it permits the right plant and flower irrigation and so, the maximum emotional effectiveness of flower exhibition. tray, trolley, plant and flower irrigation

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Display trolley

« Basket holder | 3 shelf folding display stand »

Optionals and related items

2 level wall display stand
Tables and benches - 2 level wall display stand

 € 379,00
Aluminium frame with 2 water trays, 2 swivel rubber castors, 2 with brake ø 100 mm
Tables and benches
Displayer flora 18
Tables and benches - Displayer flora 18
White painted frame.
Tables and benches
Display trolley with water trays and vases
Tables and benches - Display trolley with water trays and vases
White coloured steel frame.
Tables and benches
Display trolley with vases
Tables and benches - Display trolley with vases
White coloured steel frame.
Tables and benches

DC "Danish Container" unistandard trolley
Trolleys and equipment - DC "Danish Container" unistandard trolley, <strong>Best price</strong> for the<strong> </strong><span style="color:#ff0000;"><strong>STOCK OF 15 ITEMS</strong></span>. Unit price:<br>
Base and 4 posts . <strong><span style="background-color:#ffff00;">Shelves NOT included, to be purchased separately</span></strong>

 € 48,00
Available in large quantities. Improves logistics. Essential for transporting and handling of plants and flowers with shelves adjustable in height.
Trolleys and equipment
'Danish' water tray
Trolleys and equipment - 'Danish' water tray, Available in: BLACK  -<span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);"><strong>  PRICES FROM >></strong></span>

 € 15,25
The main purpose is to irrigate plants on trolleys.
Trolleys and equipment
Yellow price labels
Trolleys and equipment - Yellow price labels

 € 0,20
65 x 45 x H 250 mm straight.
Trolleys and equipment
Modular wooden displayer with three shelves
Specific furniture - Modular wooden displayer with three shelves

 € 409,00
The design of this product of the line Julia wood line was designed to optimize the space by using the concept of vertical displaying.
Specific furniture

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