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Floricultural carts
With these essential carts, the handling of flowers and plants becomes more simple and effective. Thanks to the flexibility of the products, the operators, nursery or garden center, are able to transport all kind of plants and even use them to directly exhibit the plants in supermarkets sales areas.

Humidifying membrane, The humidifying membrane for 'Danish' unistandard water tray is a necessary accessory for a proper plant care. Products for nurseries and garden centers on sale

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Humidifying membrane

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Trolleys and equipment - Humidifying membrane

Starting from 2,75 € each
Humidifying membrane :

Description :
The humidifying membrane for 'Danish' unistandard water tray is a necessary accessory for a proper plant care. Made of multicolor 300 gr/mq polypropylene needlepunch and het-set nonwoven geotextile, that is a specific product to be used with water and soil. Thanks to its high absorbency it can keep plants damp for long time.

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Humidifying membrane 2,75

E-commerce product description Price € Qt.  
Humidifying membrane - KIT OF 15 ITEMS(€ 2,75 each) 41,25

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