Stem cleaning machine, Trolleys and equipment, products for nurseries on sale

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Floricultural carts
With these essential carts, the handling of flowers and plants becomes more simple and effective. Thanks to the flexibility of the products, the operators, nursery or garden center, are able to transport all kind of plants and even use them to directly exhibit the plants in supermarkets sales areas.

Stem cleaning machine, With table, waste bag and brushes. Products for nurseries and garden centers on sale

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Stem cleaning machine

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Trolleys and equipment - Stem cleaning machine

1.550,00 € each
Stem cleaning machine :

Description :
With table, waste bag and brushes.
Volt 220 L 710 W 420 H 1.050 mm

Weight: Kg. 50,50 - Volume: m3 0,26  

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STEAM CLEANING MACHINE steam cleaning machine
The steam cleaning machine is the best solution for plant and flower shops.
It is used to remove leaves and thorns of cut flowers.
Thanks to this machines, steams are plucked off without damages and this is an important saving for florist who can creates flower compositions, bouquets and decorations, quickly, feeling safe and with the best result.
steam cleaning machine, plant and flower shops, florist

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Stem cleaning machine 1.550,00

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