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The eco-sustainable Megatrend is growing very fast, and the Garden Centre have this essence inside! Till now, this business was at the margin of the DIY investments but today, it  is the right moment to open your mind and start to play in the Garden Centre.

Automatic wrapping machine, Machine in conformity with CEE regulations

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Automatic wrapping machine

Machine in conformity with CEE regulations

- Soft starts to avoid abrupt start;
- Adjustable speed of the board;
- Adjustable rising speed of the spool-holder;
- Rotation board: 8 revolutions per minutes;
- Emergency push-button;
- Diameter of the board 1800 mm; doweled on 9 supporting roller bearings;
- Maximum loading capacity: 1200 kg;
- Transmission board/column with 2 steel chains;
- Steel and aluminium machine's frame;
- Customizable blocking-trolley hook on demand;
- Adjustable electromechanically film stretching;
- Maximum wrapping up height: 2800 mm;
- Maximum lifting speed of the stretching engine;
- Double wrapping: up to 25 trolleys per hour;
- Single wrapping: up to 35 trolleys per hour,
- Button for single or double wrapping;
- Special button to stop the wrapping height;
- Button to restart the wrapping from the stopping point;
- Motive power 380 Kw, electrical power supplies 230/400 V,50 Hz three-phase;
- Installed power 1,5 Kw;
- Automatic / manual machine's functioning;
- Possibility to wrap unistandard trolleys or pallets;

Moreover the wrapping machine has:
- Proper spaces to move it using a fork-lisft
- Loading ramp
- Total weight: 620 kg
Sizes: L. 1800 W. 3150 H. 3050 mm 

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