company, designing equipment for garden centers, nurseries, sale green areas software, production and sale of horticultural products

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The eco-sustainable Megatrend is growing very fast, and the Garden Centre have this essence inside! Till now, this business was at the margin of the DIY investments but today, it  is the right moment to open your mind and start to play in the Garden Centre.

designing equipment for garden centers, nurseries, sales green areas software, handling, display of plants and flowers, produced for the management of plant and flower industry, production and sale of horticultural products, company

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Orlandelli family
Orlandelli family

ORGANIZZAZIONE ORLANDELLI srl is a leading company in planning and manufacturing equipment to improve the handling and display of plants as well as flowers. 
For more than 30 years the company has been engaged in the floricultural domain, proposing innovative , practical and efficient solutions like trolleys for all proposes, displayers for Garden Centres and flower shops , special containers,production benches, landscaping software and more.
planning and manufacturing equipments, handling and displaying plants, flowers

Organizzazione Orlandelli is much more than that! It has been in the floricultural field for 5 generations : it belongs to “Gruppo Orlandelli”, composed by the majestic “Valle dei Fiori” garden centre, “Orlandelli Ugo” commercial farm and  “Giardini Valle dei Fiori” company that designs and creates green areas and  "Entergreen" a consulting company for garden centers and DIY centers.  floricultural, garden centre, designs, realizes green areas

The daily cooperation in the group makes Organizzazione Orlandelli an incomparable interaction model of activity in its field for both philosophy and know-how. Its operational headquarters are based in Canicossa (Marcaria), not far from the amazing and charming town of Mantua.
For several years already, ORGANIZZAZIONE ORLANDELLI has been supplying the most important retail chains in Italy with equipment to handle plants and flowers. We offer a consulting service that includes the conception of design and creation of exhibition areas.
The company is composed of several departments:
  • technical department for the design and testing of all products;
  • a purchasing department with a skilled staff for the research of up-to-date materials in order to improve quality;
  • production department with the utmost state-of-the art technology;
  • sales department always at customer's disposal for any information, suggestion and service;
  • warehouses together with a logistic department for transportation.
To deliver its goods, the company uses its own vehicles, as well as certified and well-known transport partners. The cooperation with the above-mentioned VALLE DEI FIORI garden centre allows us to test our products. In addition, the company offers a large show room in which it is possible to have a look at the wide range of products and to learn by personal experience the top quality of each one of them.
mantua, equipments for plants’ and flowers’ management, design and realization of exhibition areas

ORGANIZZAZIONE ORLANDELLI always takes part as an exhibitor to the most important fairs of the field both in Italy and abroad: Flormart (Padua), Flora (Naples), Florviva (Lanciano), Plantarum (Giardini Naxos), IPM (Essen), IPM (Dubai), Flowers (Moscow), Euroshop (Düsseldorf), etc.
Always careful as far as customers' needs are concerned, ORGANIZZAZIONE ORLANDELLI also offers a wide range of services:
  • We provide Professional advice about design and realization of equipment for garden centres, shops, nurseries. Organizzazione Orlandelli is in a position to propose different customized solutions, suitable for any single need.
  • The technical department of Organizzazione Orlandelli trys to satisfy customers’ needs by planning new solutions and products.
  • Our company has been training professionals with customized courses in order to use landscaping software.
Orlandelli Ugo, founder of Organizzazione Orlandelli in 1983, after a few years created Valle dei Fiori Garden Centre, one of the biggest Italian garden centres and doubtlessly one of the most innovative, which is still currently a model to be followed for its philosophy, displaying features and competitive prices.
The complementary cooperation between Organizzazione Orlandelli and Valle dei Fiori garden centre has been fundamental ever since, in that it provides our company  feedback concerning the real needs the concerns production and sales of horticultural and nursery-gardening products.
design and realization of equipments for garden centres, shops, nurseries, landscaping software

Organizzazione Orlandelli is the answer to logistic and displaying problems, this is the reason why our clients are mainly OUR PARTNERS.
We have a wide range of product: handling equipment and displayers for flowers and plants, transport and display trolleys, cassapallets, benches, display stands, containers, flower-vases, water trays for displayers and trolleys, furniture for garden centres, aluminium and multisystem water benches, trolleys for internal handling, refrigerators, equipment for cut flowers, landscape software and more…
garden center, handling equipment and displayers for flowers and plants

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